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Japanese restaurants can be found all over the world as their popularity is increasing and their traditional delicacies becoming more famous and wanted by many. To have a wonderful experience from the best Japanese restaurant Dubai, you have to know the qualities of a Japanese restaurant, what exactly makes it qualify as one, and what makes one know how delicious their food is going to be. There are a lot of restaurants that claim to be Japanese restaurants but their food tastes nothing like Japanese cuisines or looks nothing like them, or even something as simple and basic as the setting looks nothing like a Japanese restaurant so one has to watch out for signs so you won’t fall prey to the fake restaurants.

When opening a Japanese shop, you also have to look for the qualities that would make your restaurant look like an authentic Japanese restaurant that serves authentic Japanese cuisines. Here are a few pointers to help you locate the best Japanese restaurant there is, a truly authentic restaurant.


In an authentic Japanese restaurant, presentation is key. The Japanese people take so much pride in the presentation of their food, it is not just served on a plate without it being decorated or style in a deliciously beautiful and elegant way. They usually serve their food on small plates as they believed less is more and quality is the most important rather than quantity.

Strictly Japanese Delicacies

An authentic Japanese restaurant sticks to what they know best, they do not think outside the box and implement American dishes into their menu, it is purely and strictly Japanese because that is what they know best, stuff like pizza, burger, fries, and so many other American meals won’t be found present in their menu. They deal with Japanese dishes and that’s what their menu is strictly going to be about. The quantity of the food places that strictly serve only Japanese food may not be as much as those who also serve American food, but the quality and taste of the food can’t be matched.

The Sushi

Sushi is one of the Japanese most popular foods, it has been a staple food of theirs since the beginning of time. Japanese sushi is something that is prepared extensively with the best fish there is. An authentic Japanese restaurant would not serve you sushi with some cheap knock off fish, they serve the best, and would have the best sushi buffet in Dubai.

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