Oil Field Equipment Suppliers in Dubai

Nearly everything in the modern world relies on petroleum. From shampoo bottles to combustion engines- all these aspects won’t be possible were it not for petroleum. Petroleum comes from oil fields. It is these fields that the crucial raw materials are extracted from. The process of extracting oil itself is complex and requires sophisticated machinery, machined purposely for this kind of field.
Oil field equipment come in different shapes and sizes, based on the nature and complexity of work they do. There are many oil field equipment on the market that are used for different purposes. And it would be almost impossible to discuss all of them at once. So, in this article, we will discuss the most common types of oil field equipment that you can find in expansion bellow suppliers in UAE. They are as follows:

Mud Cleaners

Mud cleaners are designed, as described above, to ensure that the drill stays as cool as possible. But it is vital that the device itself is completely clean before getting to the drill. The drilling will interfere with thick mud, leading to downtime.
The machine consists of a mesh with small holes that stops particles from entering it, which takes place until a hydro cyclone is placed on the mud.


In simple terms a degasser is a machine often utilized to remove gas from drilling fluids, thereby eliminating the formation of bubbles. They are also responsible for removing any unwanted gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, and more. It further enhances safety and reduces the likelihood of an explosion.

In Conclusion

Look out for reliable oil field equipment suppliers in Dubai, to get your hands on this oil field equipment depending on your needs.

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