Five Important Factors to Know About IQOS - DSES

The differences between these two are unique. IQOS uses actual tobacco other than the e-cigarettes which use e-liquid. The reason behind this is to allow the user to enjoy the experience and the outlook of a regular cigarette without being suffocated with the smell of the combusted tobacco. Find a good heets delivery Sharjah and enjoy the numerous benefits offered by it. Let us now dive into the five interesting factors you need to know about IQOS devices.

It’s Safer Than Regular Cigarette

Tobacco unites with technology to reduce the release of chemicals that are harmful to humans. This technology allows the user to get the feeling of nicotine without being exposed to other chemicals.

Because there is little or no burning and combustion, these products will release decreased toxins and at a lower concentration. Research carried out has shown that there are actually reduced harmful carcinogens like aldehydes and volatile chemicals compared to a regular cigarette.

Five Important Factors to Know About IQOS - DSES


Easy Availability

Because of the new technology youths are more inclined to use the IQOS because it will present like a new iPhone. The IQOS is readily available. It’s easy to charge and clean out. Maintaining an IQOS for a youth won’t be hard cause it’s made to be easy to use and maintain. Youth are cautioned to smoke responsibly.


As of April 2019, the U.S.  FDA allowed the IQOS (2.4) Philip Morris International’s (PMI) for commercialization in the United States. Moving up to July 7, 2020 the agency finally agreed on the marketing of the IQOS heating system as the new improved tobacco product with a decreased exposure claim which is appropriate to encourage public health.

Available in Different Flavors

IQOS can be found in several flavors. The most common flavor is menthol. It also has some nutty flavors and some non-menthol flavors. The heets yellow label is the one known to be menthol free and contains relatively less tobacco as compared to other flavors. The amber label heet is made from roasted tobacco which makes it nutty. The bronze label heet is sweeter with a cocoa and fruit combination giving it a soft aroma, this also happens to be the strongest from all the flavors.

Five Important Factors to Know About IQOS - DSES


It Can Be Used in Public Places

Commonly, people are not allowed to smoke in most public places because of the disturbance. With IQOS people are encouraged to smoke in public places because of the reduced smell and the outlook. It’s more conservative and people can use IQOS without being detected. This is both useful and harmful with the smoothness of the IQOS people smoke more Heets than they would with regular cigarette.

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