Flower Care Tips

Flowers are great to have an amazing aesthetic in the home, but they don’t last long. Sometimes they just a few days and already start wilting. We all want our flowers to last a little longer as they acted as the flower bouquet delivery in Dubai. They tend to only last for a few days to a week maximum. There are several ways in which you can care for your plants a little more to make them last longer.

Cut Off the Stems

One reason why flowers often don’t last as long is failure to cut off the stems. When you receive flowers, the first thing you are required to do is cut off the stem, this enables the flower to retain water. The best technique for this is to cut off two inches of the stems at an angle. Cutting from an angle encourages water retention since the stem won’t be flat against the vase.

Prune Them

You can prune your flowers by chopping off extra leaves. Cut off leaves below the water. This not only helps your flowers look more presentable, but it prevents the growth of bacteria. Prune as often as possible and evaluate your flower on a daily basis to ensure there are no bacteria growth.

Make Sure Your Flowers Are Hydrated

Your flowers need to stay hydrated. Watering them is necessary, nevertheless, you need to ensure that you do so wisely. Fill the vase with water under room temperature and flower food. Dilute the flower food well with the water and ensure it’s not too concentrated. Ensure that your vase is clean at all times and you replace the water frequently.

Store Away from Heat and Sunlight

Flowers are best conserved in a chill atmosphere. Store your flowers apart from direct sunlight as well as heat to encourage them to last longer. Heat dehydrates flowers and makes them wilt quickly. Also avoid storing your flowers close to fruits as they release chemicals that are detrimental to your flowers.

In Conclusion

Follow these tips to assist your flowers in lasting longer and appreciate the beauty and benefits of flowers for a prolonged time. Decent supervision of flowers results in longer life, and they don’t wilt as easily. You can also dry your flowers for later use and to keep enjoying the benefits of flowers.

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