Silk Carpet in Dubai

Carpets are a beautiful piece of art that feels amazing on the feet, the sweet soothing silk feels like the silk carpet Dubai that feels like heaven underneath the feet are just so spontaneous. When you make the right choice and choose the perfect carpet it changes the ambiance of your home and gives it a whole different feel and makes it feel homier and cozier.

They can change a room in different ways like make a room kid-friendly and make it look like a playroom for kids or make it formal and more professional and give it an office setting, it just depends on how you pick the carpets, the right carpet can change a room to wherever you want it to look like. We have a few tips on how you can choose the best carpet.

Carpet Padding

You may think this is unnecessary because no one is going to see the padding of the carpet since it is going to be underneath, but the padding matters a lot. The padding of a carpet is just like the foundation of a house, you need steady padding that has great durability, strength, and has an amazing cushion effect which would help even out the unleveled and uneven spots and points on your floor that you may not have noticed.

Color and Pattern

This is an important part because the color and pattern of your carpet determine how your room would look. If you go for a busy pattern and color, then you have to make sure every other thing in that room goes with your choice or when you choose an office carpet. When making this choice you have to consider what you are trying to go for and if every other thing in the room would go with it or not, so you do not have to start changing every single thing in the room. But generally neutral carpets are the go-to carpets.

Fiber Types

While choosing a carpet you have to consider the material of the carpet, what fiber it is made of. Carpets are made with four different types of fibers which are:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • PTT
  • Polypropylene

These four major types of fiber are all different and have different feels, each of them has a different maintenance level and different dirt and stain resistance level, so it is best for you to choose what you can maintain.

Each of these fibers is available at the carpet shops so your choice can be made easily, and you can get the best carpet.

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