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Until recently, traditional cigarettes were the main form of smoking in the UAE. Now, e-cigarettes have taken over the market, both in online and physical stores. If you want an e-cigarette today, may it be a vape-pen, cig-a-like, mod, or even a myle pods buy online, you don’t need to move from the comfort of your home. Simply make an order and it will be delivered right at your doorstep.

However, the introduction of juuling, which is a form of vaping, has raised questions about its safety, and how it differs from vaping. So, what is the difference between vaping and juuling? Vaping and juuling differ in various aspects, including:

How is Vaping Different from Juuling Vape - dses


Vaping devices have three main components: coil, cartridge, and battery. The heating element present in a vaping gadget atomizes the liquid present in the cartridge, converting it into vapor. The user then inhales the aerosol produced. It is important to note that there is no heating involved in this process, just atomization. A juuling device, on the other hand, has two parts – a battery and a cartridge commonly known as a Juul pod.



All vaping devices operate in the same manner, even though the appearance may be different. They operate by use of batteries and can either be disposed of or reused. Some examples of vape devices available in the UAE include vape pens, mods, and pods. Juuls are a brand of vape which have unique color and flavors. They are light, portable, and resemble a USB disk.

How is Vaping Different from Juuling Juul - dses


Vaping is the process of inhaling vapor from a vape device. It gives users a sensation similar to smoking but is less harmful and does not emit smoke, ash or other harmful chemicals. It is for this reason that vaping is recommended for individuals transitioning from smoking. Juuling is similar to vaping but involves a specific brand of vape called juul.


Method Of Activation

When a vape is activated, a coil heats the vape juice found in the cartridge, converting it to vapor. It is this vapor that an individual inhales. This is not the same case for juul as it has better technology. All the user needs to do to activate it is puffing. Thereafter, the aerosol will be released.


In Conclusion

Juuling and vaping are not the same.  Juuling is a new high-tech form of vaping that has gained a lot of popularity especially among youths in the UAE. There are unique differences between juuling and vaping, which makes them the best alternative to smoking.

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